Innovative Solutions for Wide Range of Business Domains

Through a powerful blend of deep industry knowledge, management and technical expertise, we have the scale and experience to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities. Explore our capabilities, offerings, and experience in the industries listed below.


As the automotive industry starts its second century, it is dominated by a handful of large players. The mergers, spin-offs, consolidation and record sales volume over the last five years have created unprecedented size.

The automotive industry has reinvented itself over the past twenty-five years. Imbalances in forecasted customer demand and legacy investments have led to over-capacity. Increased competition and technological advancements have intensified cost pressures.

Combining industry knowledge and innovating solutions, we help vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and retail networks deliver shareholder value and achieve operational excellence. IB Systems believes in long-term relationships and has invested in developing innovative solutions for automotives, the Supply Base, and Dealer operations. These solutions span product development, supply chain operations, customer connections, support operations and infrastructure management.


Technology and the growing pressure to increase shareholder value are driving globalization, consolidation and convergence in the banking industry; Newly empowered customers expect customized, easily accessible services. And investor demand for integrated wealth-management services continues to drive convergence among banking companies. There is one thing successful banking companies do to stay ahead of market shifts and customer demands: anticipate. When you understand what’s coming next, you can do more than just keep pace – you set the pace and create the momentum for business transformation.

NGEN Technologies can help you in this journey of transformation, with its multi-dimensional but balanced solution approach that pays as much attention to your business architecture as it does to your IT architecture, so that solutions and services are optimized for your unique business and technology context.

NGEN Technologies brings together business consulting and problem diagnosis skills, pre-defined solution stacks, domain knowledge and technology capabilities to offer the industry-benchmark NGEN Technologies Predictability that can improve your odds of success in the race for competitive leadership.

Communication Services

Communications industry face a host of challenges, from changing regulations, to financial pressures, to changing customer needs, to industry restructuring and consolidation. These challenges also represent opportunities for those companies who realize that in order to grow, they must move beyond merely providing new products and services, and participate in redefining the market. A clear vision and the resolve and resources to execute strategies will distinguish industry leaders from industry laggards.

If you’re investing in innovative services to expand into new markets, how do you ensure that your order-management infrastructure can handle the new traffic properly? If you’re migrating to another platform to support a new service, how do you avoid disruption to your existing customer base? If you’re thinking of outsourcing the testing of a critical new network component, can you be certain that the testing will be more rigorous, but cost less, than it would in-house? NGEN Technologies can give you a competitive edge. We develop best-of-breed solutions in several areas vital to next-generation communications service providers.


The insurance industry is facing pressing NGEN Technologies: personal lines carriers are finding it difficult to sustain growth; consumers are increasingly choosing to less-profitable products; health insurers are facing the demands of an aging, empowered customer base; and commercial lines carriers are under intense competitive pressure from brokers for large, complex accounts and from shareholders expectations of improved returns.

Insurers face an increasingly challenging business environment. Customer service expectations are heightened. Margin and profit pressures are increasing. There are extensive regulatory changes, and increased competition from non-traditional companies. Yet a heightened competitive marketplace demands that you improve your operating and product-development efficiency and cater more responsively to customer needs.

Retail Services

For retailers, success requires using multiple channels to reach consumers, then giving customers what they want, when and where they want it. We also work with clients to make their supply chains transparent; using the Internet; they can share product and marketing information with suppliers and customers.

Competition in the retail industries is cutthroat. Stock-outs and markdowns are cutting deeply into revenue, causing many companies to NGEN Technologies their profit targets. Fluctuating demand and short product lifecycles are wreaking havoc with inventory management. Supply chain management grows in complexity as collaboration among multiple trading partners increases. Product line extensions and brand re-positioning are responding to ever narrower market segments. Yet the customer remains fickle, even as their value-expectations grow more demanding.

Our in-depth understanding of various industry verticals enables us to provide innovative and end-to-end technology solutions. We leverage our business knowledge with our expertise across various lines of technology, which enables us to bring out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.